Digital Vehicle Graphics & Wraps


Vehicle wraps make efficient use of all of your vehicle’s surfaces.
With today’s technology, a vehicle wrap solution can cover most of your windows if you desire, keeping the image complete and the driver can still see out. Make a strong statement on glass while maintaining visibility within with perforated window film.

Full colour digital graphics on vehicles make a lasting impression as you drive.
Make sure your message appears on every side of your vehicle for more visibility.

From a single car to a large fleet, every mile you drive has the potential to help build your brand and make a long lasting impression on your potential customers.
The advantage of full colour print is now available for vehicle livery, which means that you can apply photographs and high impact images to your cars, vans, trucks and trailers to make them work even harder for your business.
Vehicle advertising has long been recognised as an extremely cost effective form of advertising. Now you can make a more exciting first impression with full colour graphics by taking advantage of our vehicle wrapping service.
RTA lettering, or “ready to apply” letters are customised to your measurements and specifications. RTA letters can be applied to nearly any smooth surface.
We will show you how to apply them accurately and precisely. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, we can do it for you.